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AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Quantitative analysis for Algorithmic Trading

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AI, Machine learning, Neural networks

Consultant/Speaker. Classification and regression applied to instruments thru MATLAB or Python NN. Parallel, specialized hardware available up to 128 CPUs & 16 GPUs.

Algorithmic trading

Algorithmic trading development, from quantitative analysis to full automation. Performance fee sharing agreements.

HW/SW development

Custom software development for backtesting and simulation (Java, JS, VB, C/C++, MATLAB, Python, Assembly). Custom high performance hardware development (uC, uP, FPGA).

Market data

Consulting on historical market data providers and processing. Huge processed database (>3TB).

LP, NLP Optimization

Portfolio and general optimization using third-party solvers and interfaces in Python. Linear, Non-linear, Mixed-integer programming and reformulation/transformation.

Big Data, Data Mining

Big Data and data mining research applied to instruments. Clustering, map reduce & correlation research. Specialized hardware available.


Performance-driven FIX decoding, validation, compressing, recording & distribution.

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Daniel Kunzler de S. Carmo, MSc.

Mechatronics engineer with more than 15 years of experience on product and software development. Quant trader, Machine Learning consultant, Software developer, Q8 Algorithmic Quantitative Trading Competition winner, Q9 Algorithmic Quantitative Trading Competition winner, Stratsphera/BTG Pactual Challenge #2 winner. Author of Product Development book.